1. What's wrong with this Pink Sky 2. Circle

What is this shape?

A. Square

B. Circle

C. Triangle

D. Oval

3. Which is a island?

A. dvcxvcxdsfdf

B. jhsdhjdgs

C. Shark Tooth

D. 1545dfklasd

4. .sdrawkcab si resnwA ehT

A. aciportpoP

B. Backwards?

C. snaciportpoP

D. poP

5. Pimp the ZIt!


6. Is South Park naughty?

A. Yes

B. No

C. No but Happy Tree Friends!


  1. Sky
  2. Circle
  3. Shark Tooth
  4. Backwards?
  5. 2 band aids
  6. No but Happy Tree Friends!

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