• Wimpy Kid bullies
  • CJ
  • Buford
  • Karate Kid Bullies
  • Bully Bot
  • DJ
  • Betty Jetty
  • Copy Cat
  • Crusher
  • Sir Rebral
  • Ratman
  • Speeding Spike
  • Harold Lames
  • Jocktopus
  • Bully from ParaNorman


  • Slugging
  • Pulling underwear out
  • Flushing the Thumb Drive
  • Shrinking Humans
  • Spitting (but not all)
  • Scratching
  • Splashing the toilet
  • Knocking out the books
  • Talking like a bully
  • Roaring
  • Knocking the pages out of the books
  • Knocking People
  • Poking
  • Kicking
  • Throwing trash/snowballs/rocks at characters
  • Sitting on people
  • Tearing a camera
  • Tearing pages out of books
  • Hitting 1 sausage
  • Putting the bowl on the head
  • Putting extra water in the jell-o
  • Making grenades blow characters up
  • Calling characters "Job"
  • Popping the Bouncy House with a needle
  • Putting stuff in the trash
  • Wearing a chain belt at karate

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